Custom home building is what we like to think we do.

We build different types of homes for all types of customers. One of the very first questions that we are asked is, "How much can you build a new home for per square foot"?

We are not tract home builders nor is new custom home building our primary business. The new homes we have built are as different from each other as the individual Owners we have built for.

We are not interested in building 20 - 50 homes per year. Nor are we interested in building everyone's home. People that we build for are looking for quality, honest craftsmanship, and long term economic value.


All you have to do is ask them!

Materials we use either prove themselves or plain and simple, we don't use them! Our foundations and site preparation practices for custom homes are based off of what we have completed and learned in commercial market building.


Once again, we consider these factors based on equipment and fixtures that we use with our Industrial Customers. "Talk about demand use"!

90% of our residential projects are quoted with Hurd windows and patio doors. Once again, we are concerned with products that perform. We have had fewer problems with this product and service from Hurd has been unmatched. Customers that have had Hurd are very pleased with them and ask for them again for the very same reasons.


Every home is not 100% maintenance free. With that in mind, we like to think you will call on us again for maintenance, repairs or continued projects, a vast majority of our customers do.Exterior siding finishes range from brick and cement board to vinyl and cedar plank or shake sidings. Cement board has been a popular option for those that like a clean low maintenance exterior.


We still have our very 1st customer and have been actively engaged on extensive renovations , with others, over a period of ten years where every room was remodeled or renovated to that customers personal taste and satisfaction. We are extremely proud of our finished work and like to keep it looking that way! When we build your new home a complete file is kept on products and colors used so we can match them as close as possible should the need arise. Anyone who has remodeled or had minor to extensive damage repairs to make will agree solidly on this fact alone.