Every home is not 100% maintenance free. With that in mind, we like to think you will call on us again for maintenance, repairs or continued projects, a vast majority of our customers do. We still have our very 1st customer and have been actively engaged on extensive renovations over a period of ten years where every room was remodeled or renovated to that customers taste and satisfaction.


When we are involved on your project a complete file is kept on products and colors used so we can match them as close as possible should the need arise. Anyone who has remodeled or had minor to extensive damage repairs to make will agree solidly on this fact alone. We are extremely proud of our finished work and like to keep it looking that way!

If we see an area that has potential for problems we will point them out and make repairs at your option, being fussy has it's quirks! Every aspect of your home can be maintained by our crews with little or no hassles! We coordinate different crews with ours to keep it totally professional and on time.

Living out of town or out of state is not a problem either! We can keep you up to date with cellular communications and the internet. Photos, documents and product information. We can keep you on site!

We keep it simple for when you can't!

If you need a reference, just ask! We have lots!